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How Can I Manage My Time Better?

Is time management a skill? How do some people get tons done, while others, not so much? How do some work full time and build a business on the side, or run multiple businesses while still managing time for family, fun, and vacations? Is that actually possible? Short answer, yes. But there has to be…

The Life of an Entrepreneur

Entrepreneurship saved my life–for many reasons. But today I want to focus on what the life of an entrepreneur is like, and the biggest reason why I love it so much. I hope you’ll keep reading if you’re interested in starting your own business. New around here? If you are, after you’re done reading this…

My Favorite Tools for Entrepreneurs

As an entrepreneur with an online business, there are a LOT of tools that I use regularly to help my biz run smoothly and to help me get things done faster. In this post I want to cover my favorite tools for entrepreneurs. New around here? If you are, after you’re done reading this post,…
why copywriting is important

Why is Copywriting Important?

You’re always selling something. Don’t believe me? Have you gotten the love of your life to marry you? Your toddler to brush her hair or eat her veggies? The job you wanted, or the pay raise you deserve? “Selling” is really the art of influence. If you’re an entrepreneur and you’re actually selling products or services in…
how to write copy that cells

How to Write Copy that Sells

What makes the difference between good copy and, well, not-so-good copy? If you’re not making the sales you want, or if you’re just starting in business and need to create your first sales page, then you should definitely keep reading to discover exactly what you need to know to write copy that sells. New around here? If…
difference between a product and an offer

The Difference between a Product and an Offer

In the online and copywriting world, we talk a lot about creating an irresistible offer. When you have an amazing product to offer the world and you can communicate it in a way that your ideal clients understand the value for them, and you package it as an offer, they can’t help but buy. And…
Types of Offers

Types of Offers

In last week’s blog I covered the difference between a product and an offer. This week I want to break down the nine different types of offers you can create. There are advantages and disadvantages, as well as a time and a place for each type of offer, so let’s dive in! New around here?…
Story Questions and Copywriting

Story Questions & Copywriting

Many times in copywriting we make it more complicated than we need to. We are victims of overthinking – big time! In this post I want to take us back in time to our school days where we learned the basics of communication with story questions. New around here? If you are, after you’re done reading…
buyers journey

The Buyer’s Journey

From the moment a need enters the mind of a customer to the moment he or she makes a purchase to solve that problem/pain, there is a process that happens leading up to the sale. This is called the buyer’s journey. In this post, I’m going to break down each step of the journey because…