difference between a product and an offer

In the online and copywriting world, we talk a lot about creating an irresistible offer. When you have an amazing product to offer the world and you can communicate it in a way that your ideal clients understand the value for them, and you package it as an offer, they can’t help but buy. And often, what you’re selling is so much more than just a product. Keep reading to learn more about how to make YOUR offer irresistible…

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Creating a killer offer is the one thing that makes hard selling unnecessary, and in many cases causes your product to sell itself.

Your product may be an online course, a book, or a different physical product, but your OFFER is so much more.

What is an Offer?

There are five things that make up the offer:

transformational benefit

• Transformational benefit
• Product deliverables
• Free bonuses
• Delivery method
• Price

Let’s start by understanding that, at its core, the offer really is the transformational benefit that your product provides.

It’s a cliché in copywriting to say that people don’t buy a drill they buy a hole.

They’re not really buying the piece of equipment, they’re buying the result the piece of equipment gets them…or in other words, the transformational benefit.

The offer is also the product – the stuff you’re giving them…the drill or the binder full of training materials, the online course, or the creams, or the exercise program, or the three-day seminar.

The offer also includes your free bonuses (and you will give free bonuses…I’ll explain why later).

The final components of your offer are the delivery method (snail mail, online, etc) and the price.

What Makes an Offer Sell?

When a product isn’t selling, it’s usually because there was never a powerful, clearly defined offer.

Overcome your competition

A strong offer presented to the right audience will overcome price. 

It will overcome competition.

It will overcome market conditions, logic, reason, and bad copy. Heck, it can even overcome the buyer’s spouse.

If you just give your buyers a product – or list of the deliverables – the price, and the guarantee, you’ll probably make some sales, but not nearly as many as if you were to describe for them in vivid language or show them in pictures the transformation they can expect to enjoy when they purchase your product.

What’s the #1 Thing Your Offer Should Focus On?

80% of your offer copy should be focused on the transformational benefit.

You’ve got to take them into the future and show them what their life could be like a few short days, weeks or months from now…however long it takes to get the transformation that you’re bringing with your product or service.

You’ve got to paint this picture so vividly that they can’t help but relate and see it in their minds. If you’re selling an exercise or weight loss program you’ve got to paint the picture of how it’s going to feel giving away the clothes that don’t fit anymore, pulling on the skinny jeans that haven’t fit in 8 years, feeling sexy, attracting the attention of their partner or potential partner…whatever the transformation is that your ideal client is seeking is what you have to paint so clearly.

You want to show them their new life.

And when they can grab hold of that – when they can SEE it in their mind as if it’s real – they’ll have to buy…and then you will have for yourself not just a product but an irresistible offer!

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