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Want to Know How You Can Charge $10K+ for a Sales Page?

Become the go-to female copywriter in your niche with clients practically tossing their credit cards at you.

Want to Know How You Can Charge $10K+ for a Sales Page?

Become the go-to female copywriter in your niche with clients practically tossing their credit cards at you.

You have a mission in this world. And it's BIG.
When your message moves people, they'll be begging to buy, and you'll never have to sell again.
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But do you sometimes feel like your messaging just isn't connecting with your ideal clients? you want to be able to describe their pain - that thing they wake up worrying about at 3am - even better than they can?
Whether it's a lack of time for writing the words that sell, or just a lack of love for it, that's where I come in.

Hey, I'm Dawn

Expert Copywriter & Funnel Strategist

...lover of copy + woo.
Mixing manifestation + messaging is like a seduction concoction that changes the world, one word at a time.
I help incredible entrepreneurs like YOU nail your message to create the movement, the impact, the influence, and all the money you're committed to creating.
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“Working with Dawn was a massive game changer in my business.  I always knew good copy was important…but until watching her work her magic, I had no idea just how MASSIVELY important it was!  She was able to capture my voice and make the necessary changes and edits that instantly changed the conversion rates on my opt-ins!!!”

Megan Sumrell, Productivity Coach

Working with Dawn has been absolutely incredible! She not only embodied my voice so clearly in my copy, but she also provided such amazing customer service along the way. I have LOVED every second working with you, Dawn. Thank you!!!

~Mickaela McNatt, Spiritual Coach

"Dawn will only be this affordable for a very short period of time. I would hire her right away if I were you."

~Ray Edwards, Copywriter and Author of Permission to Prosper


Download the 15 Copy Keys to High Ticket Sales if you want to know exactly what words you need to use to sell out your high ticket offers, get 2x the applications for your programs, and only get on the phone with qualified leads.

Learn how to write your own incredible copy that sells without sounding salesy. This DIY course includes templates and swipe files that make writing copy quick & painless.

Are you ready to sell out your most expensive offers? Imagine having a complete funnel without you having to build it! I create top to bottom DFY funnels, or if you already have one set up that just needs polishing, let's chat about a VIP day!

"When I saw the results Dawn was getting for some of her clients I was like, 'Girl, I need your help!' It's already proven to be profitable in less than 48 hours and I know that's just the beginning. You need Dawn!"

~Rachel Ngom, Pinterest Expert & Business Coach

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