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About Dawn

Hey, I'm Dawn...

I help coaches create magnetic messaging that gets dream clients whipping out their credit cards before they even know where to click.


I wasn't always a copywriter, or even an entrepreneur - in fact, I usually call myself the "accidental" entrepreneur.


I hit rock bottom after pouring my heart and soul into pastoral ministry, only to be told I was a "failure" because our "stats" that didn’t measure up (not enough souls saved or butts in pews).


Crushed, I did what seemed logical at the time: Google "work from home" ad nauseum until I learned new skills that could provide an income for my family so I could resign.


An ordained pastor by day, I spent my evenings studying websites, copywriting, marketing, social media strategies, funnels…everything I could get my hands on to learn how I could make money online and be home with my daughter (despite my boss laughing at me and telling me "parents don't stay home with their kids anymore").


But then something crazy happened. I hadn't built my business as fast as I'd hoped, hadn't quit the abusive job yet, hadn't changed my circumstances...

...but I changed. What surprised me most about becoming an entrepreneur was the personal development. This “secular” teaching about mindset, manifestation, and money...Changed. My. Life.


I experienced more peace, joy, and HOPE than I’d EVER felt in nearly thirty years of being a Christian and seven years as a pastor. Building a business I loved was just the cherry on top.


What started as a desperate attempt to pull myself out of depression and anxiety turned into an incredible discovery of how I could still be serving, just in a different capacity. I'm so friggin' passionate about helping wealth & spirituality coaches create phenomenal messaging and copy so that they're selling all their offers, big and small. Together, I know we can make the world a better place as we increase our income, influence and impact.

I'd love to be part of your story too.

10 Fun Things You May Not Know About Me...

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  • I can juggle, and I don't just mean #momlife. A year after being married, we were at a toy store and I picked up the juggling balls and started juggling and laughed out loud as my hubby's jaw hit the floor. #thingsyouforgettotellyourspouse


  • The Greek word for "freedom" is tattooed on my foot based on Galatians 5:1.


  • I've played french horn since I was 13 because, let's face it, the very best hero lines are always the french horn.


  • If I'm not playing with my munchkin, have my nose stuck in a book, or making money for my clients, hand quilting is my jam. I once made 8 in one year (my finger tips were very calloused that year, thanks to all my friends having babies).


Brand book stack
  • I'm a musical junkie, but Les Mis will ALWAYS be my favorite. I might even be a *smidge* embarrassed to admit that I've seen it live nine times.


  • Maple bars are basically food of the gods in my book (They were my "wedding cake").


  • Mt. Rainier is my favorite place on earth; it's where I sense God the most, have hiked thousands of miles with loads of memories, and where my brother's ashes are scattered.



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  • I've been on a private tour under St. Peter's Cathedral at the Vatican in Rome. As we could hear the choir singing in the chambers above and were reminded of Jesus' words that "on this rock He would build His church." It was a holy moment indeed.


  • I prefer dogs over cats, even though I had 13 cats as a kid (Funny story, my sister and thought it would be great fun to put a cardboard box on the porch with a blanket for our new kitty friend Roger. When we awoke to kittens the next morning (no joke) we renamed "her" Rogina.


  • Hands-down I choose books over TV, but I have a serious weakness for Gilmore Girls. Lorelai and Luke belong together; I called it from the very beginning.

The Money Is In the Messaging...

I've seen it time and time again.


When you nail your message, you nail the sale.

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Media Bio

Dawn Apuan is an expert copywriter and funnel strategist. Former pastor and non-profit Executive Director, her mission now is to help entrepreneurs create magnetic messaging that sells even their most expensive offers. She provides expert copy and done-for-you funnels to automate leads and sales, increasing your income and impact.

Dawn is available to speak on topics related to copywriting, funnels, entrepreneurship, and personal development.