Ray Edwards

"I would hire her right away if I were you."


“Dawn has deep integrity and does what she says she's going to do. She's a gifted and skilled copywriter. She's not just gifted, but she's also dedicated herself to building the skill of copywriting. She plays to win and always wants to beat her last high score...She won't be this affordable for long; I would hire her right away if I were you."

~Ray Edwards, Copywriter and Author of How to Write Words that Sell

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“I hired Dawn to work on a funnel that was converting but I knew could be more profitable. When I saw the results she was getting for some of her clients I was like, 'Girl, I need your help, can you take a look at my funnel and see what you can do?' It's already proven to be profitable in less than 48 hours and I know that's just the beginning. Dawn is definitely your girl; you need to hire her."

~Rachel Ngom

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Working with Dawn has been absolutely incredible! She not only embodied my voice so clearly in my copy, but she also provided such amazing customer service along the way. I have LOVED every second working with you, Dawn. Thank you!!!

~Mickaela McNatt

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“Working with Dawn was a massive game changer in my business.  I always knew good copy was important…but until watching her work her magic, I had no idea just how MASSIVELY important it was!  She was able to capture my voice and make the necessary changes and edits that instantly changed the conversion rates on my opt-ins!!!”

~Megan Sumrell

"I'm not an English native and needed someone to translate what I wanted to say to my English audience...Our VIP day was really amazing. She understood what I wanted to say and how I wanted to say it. When I saw the result I was really amazed because I was like "Wow! This is really what I wanted to say." If you're looking for a good copywriter, for sure you should hire her."

~Ysaline Rozier

Meg Yelaney

“Working with Dawn has been so so incredible. When I started working with her I actually came from a bad experience with another company, so I was really hesitant. She really communicated that she would take care of me and she really, really has. My funnel started converting within 24 hours and even converted 3 high-ticket clients. She's so sweet and cares so much about her clients; she treats their business like hers.”

~Meg Yelaney

Dani Welch

“I WAS LITERALLY CRYING because what she wrote was SOO ME! It's 100% what I've been trying to say AND she captured my freaking personality. I AM BLOWN AWAY like literal tears are coming out of my eyeballs right now. I don't want to change anything because it was exactly what I want to say, but so much better.”

~Danielle Welch

Jen Rohlen

"If you're on the fence about hiring Dawn, do it! She's amazing. She took my landing page from 5% opt-ins to 54%."

~Jen Rohlen

Sharon McCaskill

“Dawn designed a sales page for my course that I was launching and the sales page had fantastic copy. It really reflected the heart of my brand and what I'm trying to help my readers with. My investment with her to design that made everything super simple and was worth every penny.”

~Sharon McCaskill

CA couch

"I realized quickly [copy] was something not in my wheelhouse when I tried to create my own landing pages. Seriously I had crickets with clients pre Dawn, zero sales and low conversion rates with my free offer.  I was a mess.

[I say] YES to paying a copywriter, I have had more sign ups and have tripled sales with Dawn.

I would recommend Dawn to everyone! I would tell them that COPY IS KEY when speaking to your ideal client. My favorite part of Dawn is that she is reliable, gets the job done and I love that she gets me and the mission I want to accomplish in my biz.  I told her she is stuck with me forever!! HIRE HER, she has been the best investment in my business."

~Courtney Anderson

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"I hired Dawn to do sales copy and to set up our Facebook ads account. She's been nothing short of amazing and wonderful to work with. She's super communicative and gives tons of tips and tricks along the way beyond what we hired her for. She's worth every penny. If you're looking for someone to help you with your funnel or Facebook ads, definitely hire Dawn."

~Jada Glover

Stef Bennett

"Dawn is amazing! I feel so confident putting my website out there for everyone to see, because I know it's written in a way that will resonate with my audience. I am so grateful for Dawn! She is kind and patient and totally understands how my business works, even when I wasn't clear myself! I am so excited to see how many lives I can impact as a result of a top-quality copy creator! Dawn serves from her heart and her high-frequency energy is such a blessing!! If you need someone to write awesome copy for you, Dawn's your girl. Hire her. Just do it. You'll be so glad you did!"

~Stef Bennett

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"I hired Dawn to build out my sales funnel and write copy on that page and do my Facebook ads. Knowing to invest in the right person has made the biggest difference in my business so far. In one day I already had a sale. It's so worth it. Invest in someone who is an expert and doesn't just kinda know what they're doing."

~Taryn Sowa

...A Little More About Me...

I'm a pastor and Executive Director of a non-profit turned expert copywriter and funnel strategist.


On the surface that seems like a massive switch, I know. But ultimately, I help people, just like I always have.


My passion is helping YOU get what you want (more moolah) by creating a message that confidently communicates what you do without sounding salesy.