why copywriting is important

You’re always selling something. Don’t believe me? Have you gotten the love of your life to marry you? Your toddler to brush her hair or eat her veggies? The job you wanted, or the pay raise you deserve? “Selling” is really the art of influence. If you’re an entrepreneur and you’re actually selling products or services in exchange for money, then influence is vital for your business. This is why copywriting is so important.

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We Are Bombarded with Communication

On average, we’re blasted with over 5,000 messages a day. It’s like you go to the water fountain for a drink of water, and instead of a small, gentle arch of water you get blasted with a fire hose.
we are bombarded with communication

We have no shortage of information or communication.

And because our brains naturally have to weed out a TON of those messages, it means when we communicate, we have to choose our words wisely.

If you want to stand out, if you want people to pay attention to your messages, you need to learn how to write good copy.

You Are Always Selling Something

Like I said before, copywriting isn’t just for entrepreneurs or people with a business. Hey, I’m convinced that my dedication to learning copy has improved my parenting tremendously!

Copywriting is really the art of influence. At its core, it’s about getting others to do what you want for their reasons.

Now, it is in NO way meant to manipulate or coerce, but merely to provide choices in such a way that the other person chooses your intended desire, like to eat peas or spend money on that new dress you want to buy.

Imagine this conversation…

You: “Honey, I love this dress, I think I need to order it.”you're always selling something

Honey: “Um, don’t you already have like 67 dresses? Do you really need another one right now?”

What if, instead, you said…

You: “Honey, I bet you won’t be able to keep your hands off me in this dress…gonna love watchin’ it hit the floor…should I order it?”

Honey: *stunned excited eyes* “Rawwwwwrrrrrrr. Order one in each color!?!”

See what I did there? It wasn’t about you liking the dress or how many dresses you already own and aren’t in need of another one…but about your hubby’s desire for you.

And while it *may* be a little unfair to tap into the reptilian brain, this is precisely why it works to think about what the other person wants and position your request as such. This way, you’re getting what you want and the other person is getting what he or she wants too.

Win-win. That’s a great way to go through life!

Copywriting Makes You Money

This is the simple truth. Copywriting is important because good copywriting makes you money. If you have a business, you have to have paying clients and customers. Otherwise it’s just a really expensive hobby.

So many people have told me that selling feels icky or weird, but the truth is, if you absolutely believe that what you’re selling is the answer to someone’s prayer, then it’s your duty and service to “sell.”

what you're selling is the answer to someone's prayer

Read that again. Do you believe it?

If you don’t, then stop selling. Please, just stop. Find something else you believe in.

I had to do this a couple years ago. It wasn’t an easy decision, either. But when I lost faith in what I had been selling, I stopped. Then I created my own products and services that I knew I could stand behind 100%.

People buy solutions (& results). What solution or result for what problem do you provide?

When you focus on the good that you can do, the relief people will get, being the answer to their prayers – that’s when selling becomes serving.

And in order to serve your customers best, you need to be able to communicate your message in a way that’s compelling, understandable, and influential.

And that is precisely why you must learn to write good copy.

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