What Does a Copywriter Do?

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On a very basic, surface level, a copywriter is someone who is paid to write words that sell. Copywriters make people money. But there's a lot more to copy writing than just making money. In this post I'm going to talk about how a copywriter writes, paints, and conducts scientific experiments...and how you can do this too.

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A copywriter writes words that sell

Of course a copywriter writes. Duh. Copywriters write words for all kinds of things: websites, landing pages, funnels, sales pages, emails, direct response letters, commercials...anything and everything for the 1000+ marketing messages that you're bombarded with daily...


Many thanks to the talented handiwork of copywriters for this endless barrage.

The words are important.

There's templates and formulas to follow.

There's elements you need to make sure to include.

There's ways to say certain things.

And there's definitely an order to say them...

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While I agree that some people truly are gifted copywriters, I also believe that it's a skill that can be learned when you put your mind to it and study from the best of the best.

There are some great teachers out there like Ray Edwards and Ian Stanley, who have fantastic courses on copy writing if that's something you're interested in learning.

If you're an entrepreneur, I believe copy-writing should be the number one skill you master.

You just can't go wrong. Oh, and the added perk? It totally helps with so many other parts of you're life because you're always selling something, whether it's where to go on vacation next with your spouse to getting your kid to eat veggies.

Master copy-writing and you will have a thriving business.

A Copywriter Does Art

Copywriters don't just write words. They paint pictures. They string words together in trains of thought to create images in the reader's mind.

These images evoke emotion.

Emotion is why people buy.

As they say, "facts tell, stories sell."

Why is that?

Well, stories evoke emotions. Think about your favorite movie. Think about the hero in the movie and the journey she must go on to reach her goal...
...the transformation that must occur for her to finally "arrive."

Ever cried in a movie? Been angry at a character? Silently smiled in a joyful moment?

The best movies take you through the roller coaster of emotion.

The same is true of sales copy.

The reader must feel emotion. And we feel emotion by being able to see it in our minds just from reading the words on the page.

Good copywriters are also artists.

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Copywriters Do Science

I always say copywriting is an art and a science. You must have a little of both.

Once the words are on the page and a beautiful canvas has been painted, it's important to also approach copy from a scientific perspective.

We must experiment with what works and what doesn't work.

We must be willing to fail. And try again.

We must be willing to patiently make small tweaks to increase conversions.

Scientific experiments can include color, format, images, sequencing, headlines...so many different things to try when it comes to a sales page.

And something that seems too often forgotten is simply traffic. I couldn't count the number of people that have come to me wondering why their sales page isn't converting when they haven't even had enough eyes hit the page. You've got to have substantial traffic before you'll get a sale, especially if typical sales conversions range from 1-3%.

You can be good at copywriting too

So what do copywriters really do? Write, paint, and experiment.

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