Sales Copy Template

My signature Cashflow COPY Framework can be used to help ensure you don’t miss any vital parts of your sales copy.

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C = Clarify & Connect

Sales Copy Template

Before you can write good copy, you must clarify who your ideal client is. Once you know that, you need to talk to him or her. 


I know that sounds simple and childish, but really there’s no “magic” to copy other than repeating what your ideal client says back to them.

That’s the honest truth. 


So nail down who your ideal client is, then talk to her. Read Reddit forums, look in FB groups. Get on the phone or zoom. Have real conversations and ask things like, “what’s your biggest challenge with xyz? What’s your biggest fear? If you could have xyz just perfect, how would that look? What’s been holding you back from doing xyz?” And so on. 


You get the point. 


Write down their words in a copy bank. Don’t slack on this one! It will make writing copy so much easier later on! 


And using THEIR words in your copy is how you actually CONNECT with them. 


It’s that simple. 


Be you and be authentic, but by using their words to describe their problem, they will trust you so much more and trust that you have the solution to their problem. 

O = Offer & Objections

You need an awesome (aka irresistible) offer. 


Make sure you spell it out and focus on the benefits, not necessarily the features. 


People buy solutions. They buy results. 


Focus on that, not on how many videos and PDFs they get. 



Sales Copy Template

You’re the answer to someone’s prayer. Make sure you’re communicating the pain and the aspiration and how your solution/offer gets them from one place to the other. 


Next, tackle objections before they have them. 


The two biggest are time and money. Always address these in your copy. 


And then if there are other objections specific to your offer, like, “can this work if I have an xyz business” then address those too. 


Always be thinking ahead and address as many objections as you can possibly think of within your sales copy. 

P = Persuade & Influence

Sales Copy Template

One of my favorite definitions of copywriting is “the art of getting someone to do what you want them to do for their reasons.”


My daughter doesn’t like her hair to be done. Never has. But, if I ask her if she wants to have a Cinderella bun or an Elsa braid - BINGO! She wants to be like the princess and I get to do her hair. Win-win. 



Consider this when you write your copy. What does your ideal client really want?


Position your offer based on what they want and they’ll sell themselves. 

Y = Why you do what you do

Why you do what you do is important. You’re likely familiar with Simon Sinek’s “start with why.”


 Your why must also cover why it’s tragic if people don’t solve their problem or get relief from their pain.


Sales Copy Template

Why is it tragic to live with chronic physical pain when there’s natural holistic relief? Why is it tragic to go to a job every day that you hate? Why is it tragic to live paycheck to paycheck and never get to do the things you really love? 


Get fired up! You have the transformation solution right? 


When you transform peoples’ lives, it’s your DUTY to write good copy that connects with them on a deep level and influences them to buy. 

Sales Copy Template

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