messaging vs copywriting

In order to solve a lead or sales problem, many entrepreneurs and small business owners might turn to a copywriter for help. While a copywriter is definitely helpful, it’s not the first priority if you haven’t already nailed down your brand messaging. Your messaging must come first before you hire a copywriter. Or, hire a copywriter like me, who also helps brands nail their messaging. Here’s why...

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There once was a client...

messaging vs copywriting

I was recently working with a client who had hired me for one power hour to polish up the copy on her sales page. 


As I was working on the copy, I got confused. 



Probably not a good sign for a copywriter to not understand...because I can almost guarantee a potential client wouldn’t understand. 


Donald Miller says, “If you confuse, you lose.”


Here’s what was confusing: The headline, sub-headline, and pain points seemed to speak to one type of entrepreneur. 


But as I read further down the page and read the contents of the course, it did not match at all with the headline and pain points. 


Basically, her page was speaking to two different ideal clients….


...and likely leaving both confused. 


It wasn’t a “copy” problem that was hindering sales, it was a messaging problem. 

What is Brand Messaging?

Your overall brand messaging covers who you serve and what you do. 


Keep it simple. 


I teach (and help my clients create) one-liners that are 5-10 words that can sum up what they do. 

messaging vs. copywriting

I had a client with 400 pages (!) of notes and I boiled down what he did to 7 words. BOOM.


You must be able to hook your ideal clients with a simple sentence that can lead you into a fuller intro of what you do. 


The structure basically goes like this: I help [xyz] be/do/have [xyz].


In your full intro you can talk a bit more about who you are, how you serve your clients, and what makes you different. 


Here’s an example…


My one-liner can be: I help coaches sell their most expensive offers. 


Notice that I don’t talk about copywriting or building funnels or paid advertising or marketing strategy or anything like that. 


Sure, I do all those things, but that’s not important yet. Lots of people do those things. 


In my full intro, I share that I’m a copywriter and funnel strategist. One thing that helps me stand apart is my focus on copy (that’s actually what converts) and that most of my clients have sales within 24 hours. 


And, inherent in your messaging is who your ideal client is. That’s not all of the messaging, but it has to be in there so that your ideal client knows they’re in the right place. 


I challenge you to create at least 50-100 one-liners before choosing the one you’ll run with. You’ll be amazed what will come out of it...

What is Copywriting?

messaging vs. copywriting


My favorite definition of copywriting is “the art of getting others to do what you want them to do for their reasons.”


Good copy = words that sell. 

You can hire a copywriter to write your website, your landing page, your sales pages, your email sequences, and more. 


I think one of the biggest mistakes beginner entrepreneurs make is underestimating the power of good copy. 


I couldn’t tell you how many sales pages with zero sales just needed a little polishing and had sales within 24 hours. 


Good copy matters. 


If you can afford to hire, do it. 


In all honesty, I believe you can’t afford NOT to hire a copywriter. 


Seriously, think about this. You make a one-time investment in good copy. You suck up the cost to begin with, but once you’ve recouped your cost, EVERY SALE after that is profit. 


I have clients making hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars A DAY with their funnels from my copy. 


Good copy matters. 


How do Copywriting and Messaging Work Together?

Your messaging is your foundation. That’s why I start with this in my client VIP days. 


You need to establish a rock-solid one-liner and full intro that covers who you serve, what you do, how you serve them, and why choose you. 

messaging vs copywriting

From this foundation, then, you can write your copy for all of your online assets. 


Trust me, the copy part will be so much easier if you do the messaging first. 


I had a client VIP day recently who’d been in business 12 years and made decent money. During our time together, she had a brilliant aha moment where she realized her messaging had been wrong all those years. 


She made the pivot and so much of the other copy we created together just flowed after that. 


Messaging and copy go hand in hand like peanut butter and jam, coffee and donuts, pizza and salad. You get the point!

messaging vs copywriting

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